Complete Your Grand Slam

DIY Merriam's Public Land Turkey Hunting Guidebook
is an electronic book that shows exactly how you
can hunt Merriam's turkeys on public land and....

  • Save money without hiring a guide.
  • Find high numbers of huntable turkeys.
  • Kill a Merriam's for your Grand Slam of turkey hunting.

DIY Merriam's Public Land Turkey Hunting Guidebook is an ebook that prepares you for an awesome turkey hunting adventure.

Here's what's inside:

Where You Should Fly Into:

There are a couple of different airports close by this public land hunting spot. I have actually flown into both, and they are equally as nice and accommodating to hunters traveling with firearms. You can save yourself a little time and money by knowing your options. I'm going to show you:

  • Which airport is closest to your hunting destinations.
  • Which airlines fly into both airports.

Where You Should Stay While Hunting:

There are cabins, campgrounds, motels, hotels, and resorts within a short drive of the airports and hunting grounds. I'm going to show you what lodging options are available, and I'm going to show you how to save money on your lodging.

Where to Buy Your Hunting Licenses:

There are several options available for buying hunting licenses, but purchasing licenses from the wrong location can be a big problem and can get you in a bunch of trouble.

You will discover where to call to buy your licenses before you ever leave home and how to get additional licenses while you are on the property hunting.

Where to Hunt:

With nearly one million acres of public land to hunt in 2 states, finding that primo hunting spot can be a daunting, expensive, and very time consuming task.

Learn where to find high populations of very huntable and relatively unpressured turkeys with maps showing you exactly where to hunt. If you can read and follow a map, you should be able to find your treasure of Merriam's turkeys with this book.

What Types of Calls to Bring

If you've hunted different areas of the country before and also hunted different subspecies of turkeys, you know that the call that works well in one area and for one subspecies of turkeys does not necessarily work well in the next. I will tell you which calls I found to work well that got turkeys to respond the best and most. You will not need to bring every single turkey call that you own.

"You won't regret this purchase!"

This is really, really, really good. The information in this book is worth $200 - $300 and will save anyone at least one day's worth of scouting

John R

"I am ready to kill a turkey!"

"First off, I thought your book was very straight forward and gave plenty of detail in regards of where to go, how to get around, and details for once you are there. I feel that if I was in North Dakota and had this book, my chances for harvesting a turkey would be greatly increased.”

John B.

DIY Merriam's Turkey Hunting Guidebook is a 100% digital e-book that is available to you immediately after you purchase the book.

What This eBook Is Not…

Because turkeys are different and act differently due to their surroundings, weather, hunting pressure, population, predation, and a million other factors, this is not a guide to teach you how to hunt Merriam’s turkeys. If you want that information, then email me at andy@iamturkeyhunting.com, and I will set up a day and time to call you for a discussion about my experiences hunting Merriam’s turkeys. This is not a guidebook intent to convince you that you don’t know enough to hunt and kill Merriam’s turkeys without a hunting guide or secret call or decoy or vest or shotgun or shotgun shell or… In fact, it is quite the opposite.

What This eBook Is…

This eBook is intended to take you from having a want, desire, or a need to kill a Merriam’s turkey or just go on a turkey hunting adventure away from your home state to sitting in the woods with your back against a tree in North Dakota or South Dakota on public land with gobbling, unpressured turkeys around you. The book will eliminate hours of the legwork and research you have to do to go on a DIY hunt. I’ve done the hard part of telling you where and how to purchase licenses, typical season dates, which airlines to fly, which airport to fly into, where to rent a vehicle, what type of vehicle to rent, where to stay, how to save money while staying there, where to hunt turkeys, how we hunted those particular turkeys, etc, etc. My goal in writing this book is for you to go on this hunt with this guidebook in hand and have an experience similar to going on this trip with a friend who has been there and killed turkeys before. This guidebook eliminates the hurdles we hunters experience when we book DIY public land hunts, and it is your resource for taking an awesome out of state DIY public land turkey hunt where you certainly can have the experience of a lifetime. I know I did when I was there.

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Created by Turkey Hunting Fanatic and Host of the Turkey Hunter Podcast
Andy Gagliano

Andy Gagliano

Andy Gagliano is a self proclaimed turkey hunting addict who is currently on a mission to kill a wild turkey in every state that has wild turkeys. Andy has presently killed a turkey in 16 states and Mexico, and he has completed 3 Grand Slams and 2 World Slams.

Andy is also the host and producer of The Turkey Hunting Podcast, which can be heard on iTunes, Sticher Radio, and www.IAMTURKEYHUNTING.com. Andy shares turkey hunting tips, tactics, and strategies to help his listeners have more successful turkey hunts.

Andy Gagliano

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